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Cleopatra Slot Demo

Before we dive into the subject, we think it’s better to overview the following content quickly, so you know in advance what you should expect from this article. First things first, we want to show you the chart of the current top free Vegas slots with bonus games and the best online casinos offering them. Then, we will start examining each game separately, showing you more details about its features, bonus rounds, number of reels, betting limits and more.

Online casinos deliver way better opportunities and services than the old-fashioned land-based operators. You don’t have to go to Vegas to enjoy Vegas slots with bonuses. This is just 21st-century digitalisation which comes quite handy because mobile devices give us a unique chance to be one step away from anything we can think of.

The most incredible variety of operators nowadays is also something you will like, but be careful where you place your trust. Take a look at the list of the most popular free Vegas slots with bonuses. After that, we will tell you more about their security and safety.

It is a truth that there were many malicious Ponzi schemes where many people were literally robbed at the beginning of online gambling, but this is not the case 20+ years later. First, the internet became more transparent and controlled, but this is not what made online casinos safe. Gambling regulators like the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority became the first global online gambling entities that guarantee your safety. Nowadays, many reputable authorities have licences that prove trustworthiness. All of the operators listed on our website are thoroughly checked and safe to use.

Best Free Vegas Slots with Bonus Games

Top 10 Online Vegas Slots with Bonuses Review

For now, we have mentioned only general information about the best free online Vegas slots that you can play, but now is the time to start reviewing each one of them separately. That way, you can learn more about their features, gameplay and bonus round and more.

If you find one that you like, you should check first the current best online casino bonuses in the UK and sign up with the operator that offers free spins or a generous deposit match as a welcome bonus. Before we review each slot, let us help you quickly find the best game to suit your preferences:

Alright, we won’t waste more time with generic information, and we will now dive into the reviews of the best slots that we have prepared for you. Do not hesitate to try the game’s demo versions we displayed or read their extensive reviews if you want to know more about any of the below-listed slot games. Plus, if you want to play our featured games for real money, you will find them at the UK’s best slot sites.

Cleopatra by IGT – RTP 95.13%

Cleopatra Slot Demo

Instant play

Cleopatra is a classical free online Vegas slot and one of the evergreen slot games of the last decade. It was developed by IGT, which is a huge gaming software developer dealing with online casinos games. This is a slot game where you can bet a maximum of £400, while the RTP rate is 95.13%. The game’s variance is high. As you can easily guess, the design is based on an ancient Egyptian theme, and it revolves around the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. The gameplay consists of five reels and three rows with 20 paylines in total.

This is a game released in 2012 and which gained popularity in no time. It is one of the free Vegas slots with bonus rounds and free spins but no jackpot. Depending on the combinations you hit, you might enter a bonus round or receive number of complimentary spins. Now you can either see the whole detailed Cleopatra slot review, or you can try its demo version right away.

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin by IGT – RTP 96.08%

Wheel of Fortune Demo

Instant play

The truth is that there are many variations of the game provided by different software companies. One of the best slot versions is the IGT one, which was released in 2015 and quickly gained popularity in the UK. This is one of the free online Vegas slots with bonuses that you can play in pretty much every online casino. The RTP rate is 96.08%, while the maximum wager is £250.

The gameplay offers five reels, while the rows are a minimum of three and a maximum of five because the game is in rhombus shape. However, there are 720 paylines, so your chances of hitting something are likely. Read the legend of the game before you start playing, so you find out which are the most profitable symbols. Keep in mind that there are no free spins but there are two bonuses – the Mini Wheel Bonus and the Triple Extreme Spin Bonus. Now take a look at the designated Wheel of Fortune slot review or try the demo.

Double Diamond by IGT – RTP 95.44%

This is undoubtedly one of the oldest free Vegas slots with bonuses. This is why the design is not as great as that met in every title from the last ten years. This is a classical IGT game released in 2005. Classical also applies to its gameplay because it consists of three reels and one row. It cannot be more straightforward than that. As you can probably guess, there is only one payline, while the maximum wager is £250.

Double Diamond Slot Demo

If you hit the jackpot, which is fixed – 1000x times the size of your bet, you can accumulate a maximum win of £12,500 in a single pull. The payout rate is standard – 95.44%. Considering that this is a game with over 15 years on the market and its simpler design, you can probably guess there are a limited number of bonus features. Read the complete Double Diamond slot review or try its now:

Mega Joker by NetEnt – RTP 99%

Mega Joker is a relatively new game in the list of free Vegas slots, developed and released in 2013. Despite being a modern game, the gameplay and features look more like an old-fashioned slot with three reels and three rows. The number of paylines is only five, while the maximum win is equal to 2000x your bet. But how much is the maximum bet then?

Mega Joker Demo

Instant play

Well, this is a game with low betting limits. The maximum you can bet is £10. We forgot to tell you that the software developer is NetEnt, or for those of you who don’t know, one of the biggest and most famous companies on the online casino gaming market. Because of its old-fashioned/classical design, there are no free spins or other incentives. It includes “Supermeter mode”, which could be classified as a bonus feature. This is a perfect game for every newcomer in online casino gambling. Read the extensive Mega Joker slot review if you like to get familiar with more details.

Da Vinci Diamonds by IGT – RTP 94.93%

Many IGT classics are part of this top 10 best free online Vegas slots with bonus rounds. Da Vinci Diamonds was released in 2012, and in less than five years, it became widely popular and available in the most reputable online casinos. The gameplay design consists of 20 paylines, while the maximum bet per spin varies between 20p and £100. The Return to Player (RTP) percentage is 94.93%, but the variance is low to medium.

Da Vinci Diamonds Demo

Instant play

There are five reels and three rows. This is a game with bonus rounds where you can get up to 300 free in-game spins. Before you start playing, you need to read the whole Da Vinci Diamonds slot review because there are a lot of symbols that you need to be aware of. Option B is to play the free demo version situated above.

Wizard of Oz by SG Interactive – RTP 95.99%

This is a super popular free Vegas slot with bonus games. There are several Wizard of Oz games developed by different software companies. We are discussing the Wizard of Oz made by the SG Interactive software in 2014. It consists of five reels, three rows and 30 paylines in total. The RTP is 95.99%, while the minimum bet is £0.01, the maximum is £150 per spin.

Wizard of Oz Demo

Instant play

This is one of the free Vegas slots with bonuses perfect for people that prefer lower wagers. A disadvantage that we can’t miss mentioning is the gameplay and graphics, which look old and outdated for a game released in 2014. Despite that, the game has super nice features, bonus rounds, a jackpot and the possibility to get free spins. Take a look at the Wizard of Oz slot review, or test the game now.

King of Babylon by Shuffle Master – RTP 96.47%

King of Babylon Demo

Instant play

This is one of the latest free Vegas slots with bonus rounds that you can take advantage of. Released in 2020 by Shuffle Master software, King of Babylon gained popularity recently. It has a 96.47% RTP rate with medium variance. There are five reels, three rows and 20 paylines. The max bet here is £100 per spin. This is a game without any jackpot, but there are bonus rounds where you can win some free spins.

In addition, different combinations of symbols could deliver multipliers or action spins that will help you accumulate more winnings. The design is clean, simple and easy to understand and play. Here is the King of Babylon slot review that we have prepared for you or use the demo version to learn how to play it.

Eureka Reel Blast Superlock by Shuffle Master – RTP 96.50%

Eureka Reel Blast Superlock is another free Vegas slot game released in 2020, again by Shuffle Master gaming. There are 50 paylines possibilities on five reels and three rows game set. The RTP of the game is 96.50%, the maximum bet you can make is up to £200 per spin. The gameplay is excellent and also easy to understand and play. This is one of the best free online Vegas slots with bonus games because there are various incentives that you can get.

Eureka Reel Blast Superlock Demo

Instant play

There are bonus rounds where you can get some free spins, but this is far from everything. If you have some luck and line up the correct symbols, you can get up to 75 times your bet. There is a jackpot, but it is a fixed one. Eureka’s demo version is, as usual, available below, while here you can read the whole Eureka Reel Black Superlock slot review.

Silver Stallion by Shuffle Master – RTP 96.30%

Shuffle Master is one of the software companies that is releasing more free online Vegas slots with bonuses each year. Silver Stallion became available in the middle of 2020, and it shows good potential to stay among the top-rated games for the following years. The RTP rate is 96.30%, while there are standard five reels, three rows and 20 paylines. The maximum win that you can accumulate is 2000x times the bet you place.

Silver Stallion Demo

Instant play

In addition, there is a progressive jackpot running among several Shuffle Master games. Silver Stallion is one of the best free Vegas slots bonus games when it comes to bonuses and extra features. It covers all types of prizes you can think of. There are free spins, bonus stages, multipliers, progressive jackpots and other in-game features bringing good prizes. You should try the demo version or read our Silver Stallion slot review.

Red Baron by Aristocrat Gaming – RTP 95.7%

The last in our top 10 best free online Vegas slots with bonuses is the Red Baron game released in 2015 by Aristocrat gaming. The design is super simple, while the theme is based on the 1st world war legendary air ace Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, known as Baron von Richthofen. The only person who dared to paint his aircraft red.

Red Baron Demo

Instant play

The great thing about the Red Baron slot is that there are five reels, three rows, but 243 paylines. The RTP rate is 95.7%, with a high variance. The maximum win is up to 300 times the amount you bet, but this is not all. There is a fixed jackpot of almost £28,000. This is a game that you must try or at least check it’s full Red Baron slot review.

Always Stay Tuned for New Games

There are plenty of new games released regularly on the market because the demand is enormous. The gaming world has grown significantly over the last three decades, and we don’t even know what to expect from the future. This is an industry where everything changes very quickly. If all the free slots to play for fun mentioned above are not enough, and you are still craving to study more games, we suggest you check any of the below-listed articles:

Keep in mind that the best online casinos in the UK work with many software providers which guarantee you proper gaming versatility. Due to the tech progress in the last several years, the internet has become a more regulated and safe place to shop, gamble, play for fun and do whatever suits your mood without being afraid for your safety or that of your bank details. The danger is still there, but when you trust the right sources, you will always get where you want.


After this extensive load of information, we presume you might have some additional questions about the free online Vegas slots with bonuses. For your convenience, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions about the subject and answered them below. Use the provided jump links if you want to refresh your memory and read more complete explanations of the question.

🌟 What are the most popular free online Vegas slots with bonuses?

It is hard to be precise and point to one game because the most popular free online Vegas slots with bonuses are regularly changing. That depends on the players and the bonus promotions in the different casinos, which are related to particular slot games.

🏆 Which are the best free Vegas slots with bonuses?

Every player nowadays has a different perspective of the best free Vegas slots with bonuses. Some look for additional features, others for bonus rounds, and others for free spins. Therefore, we have split them based on their strong sides, so you can easily select the one that suits your needs and preferences.

❓ Are there any other free slots?

Yes, there are plenty of other free slots that you can take advantage of. Here is the list of available free slots articles that will help you find the game you seek. Don’t forget to use the demo play in case you want to investigate a game personally.

🤑 Which is the free Vegas slot game with the most paylines?

The free Vegas slot game with the most paylines is Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin. It is a slot game with five reels and three rows in a fascinating rhombus shape that delivers a different type of gameplay where you can bet a maximum of £250 on 720 paylines.

🔝 Which is the free Vegas slot game with the highest RTP?

First, it would be best to understand that the RTP rate on slot games usually varies between 94% and 98%. Yes, but there are some exceptions like the famous and most popular free Vegas slot game Mega Joker where you will find an exclusive RTP rate of 99%.

Author: Ian Fox